Thurdays 08.30—09.10: QiGong

Karen is also a Shiatsu practitioner.

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Karen Livesey

Karen has been practicing Inner Qigong since 2009 and teaching since 2011. She continues to sudy and train with with Bill Palmer (  This feeds her skill and passion.

Karen Livesey is also an experienced and skilled practitioner of Shiatsu (registered with the Shiatsu Society) with an established south London practice. Shiatsu and QiGong are particularly supportive ways to feel more connected and able to navigate the challenges of life.

Prior to training in Shiatsu, Karen worked in Scotland and England in community development and as a documentary film-maker in the often unpredictable and stressful broadcast industry. It was through having regular Shiatsu treatments that she learned to reset, and balance her energetic state to meet the stresses and strains of working long hours while coping with unpredictable and challenging situations.