Friday evenings 6:30pm-7:20pm 

Vacassin leads this open level meditation class. It is for people who would like to learn to meditate and those with experience. It is an opportunity to come together to learn and practice. On the last Friday of the month there will be a cup of tea after the class.

The class has four different prices to choose from. All details are in the booking information for the class.

Early Morning via Zoom 6:30am

This early morning meditation on Zoom is lead by a group of regular attendees. This is for anyone who would like to meditate as part of a community. There is no charge but you do need to book. If you have any trouble with the booking system, please write in to
Donations The early morning meditation is provided free for anyone who would like to come. There is no pressure to donate but if you would like to, please write in to

In person one-to-one and group sessions

Naomi McLean teaches meditation in person one-to-one  and leads group meditation sessions.

Learning how to meditate can be an effective way to relax the mind and body, and bring peace into your life. Personal meditation sessions will teach you how to maintain your own practice.

Meditation can help to
– Reduce stress
– Improve sleep
– Boost immune system
– Reduce blood pressure
– Manage anxiety and depression

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Meditation involves redirecting thoughts to train the mind to focus. This may involve focusing on the breath, or a phrase or phrases. It can lead to a calmer,  clearer sense of who you are and help to cope with the strains and stresses  of life. It doesn’t matter if you normally experience lots of thoughts, this doesn’t mean you can’t meditate.

Warning: While for most people meditation is not harmful for some people it can be. Meditation can bring up emotions and memories that have been suppressed. This can cause panic, anxiety, fear, paranoia etc. People who have vulnerable mental health should consider this before trying it. If you work with someone or have support for your mental health you could discuss it with them. If you are unsure you can write in to and we can have a conversation about it.