Yoga for teenagers


13-16 year olds need to be accompanied by a parent or carer.
Teenagers can pay half-price for classes, including for class packs.
How to access these prices:

If you are 16 and over please set up an account and write in to
For 13-16 year olds, please set up a family account and write in to


Developing a yoga practice can help teenagers learn to cope with the pressures of school and life. It can be a good time to learn a practice that can support your life.

The focus in yoga, is on connecting the mind and the body, moving away from external appearance. Yoga can help increase strength and flexibility, improve sleep, general mood and help manage emotions. Different styles of yoga suit different people so you may want to try some different classes to see what you like. To get an idea of the class you can read about the style under “yoga” and also in the information about the teacher.

Yoga Styles