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Karen Livesey is an experienced and skilled shiatsu and Inner Qigong practitioner with an established south London practice. Shiatsu and QiGong can be very effective treatments for musculo-skeletal aches and pains; stress; relaxation; sleep; digestion issues; ongoing anxiety and tension. Shiatsu and QiGong support people to feel more connected and more able to navigate the challenges of life.

People often come for treatments to change something. They may want to get rid of pain or deal with emotional issues or cure an illness. Karen’s preferred way of working is by supporting rather than fixing,  paradoxically we seem to have more chance of healing when we start from a place of self-acceptance.

Karen qualified in 2005 with the British School of Shiatsu-Do London, and has been a registered practitioner with the Shiatsu Society. for over 15 years. Ongoing learning in Qi Gong and Movement Shiatsu with Bill Palmer, feed her skill and passion for this work.

Prior to Shiatsu, Karen worked in Scotland & England in community development and as a documentary film-maker in the unpredictable and stressful broadcast industry. Through having regular Shiatsu treatments she learned to reset and balance her energetic state to meet the stresses and strains of long-stressful working hours. It fuelled her belief that a strong mind-body connection is essential to health and led to her becoming a shiatsu practitioner.

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Karen teaches Inner QiGong  Thursday 08.30—09.30

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