Hatha Flow


Tuesdays 19.30 Studio & Zoom: Star

Wednesdays 10:00 Studio & Zoom: Paula

Thursdays 11:30 Studio & Zoom: Tash

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Hatha yoga is a very broad term referring to any physical yoga practice. As such all yoga practised at Yoga Point falls within ‘hatha yoga’.  However, hatha yoga has come to mean classes that are less intense than the generally faster paced vinyasa, flow or power classes. It is worth noting that one hatha class can vary from another.

Star’s hatha flow class: A class which allows you to stretch, release and relax as you engage your body and let go of your mind. Inspiring relaxation by creating a safe space to unwind, whilst challenging your strength and flexibility in a fun and diverse practise. The class is set at a beginners to moderate pace, with a mix of poses to challenge you as well as classic asanas. Starting with a meditative grounding practise, flowing into a steady stream of movement and ending in restful gratifying asanas. Leaving you more connected and centred than you started.

In Paula’s hatha flow class: she gracefully weaves the asanas (postures) together, orchestrated by the breath to build stamina and flexibility. This class will release tension from the body, improve your posture and leave you feeling stronger and more energised.

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