Saturday 9.00—10.30 Studio & Zoom: Iyengar

Please ensure you have practised Iyengar yoga for two years, including Iyengar inversions before joining this class.

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Sophie Carrington

Sophie is a Senior (Level 3) Iyengar yoga teacher. She has been practising yoga for more than 30 years and teaching for almost 25.  She has studied in Pune with the Iyengars on numerous occasions. A teacher trainer and assessor for the Iyengar Yoga Association, and a registered yoga therapist, she continues her own training under the guidance of Penny Chaplin.

Sophie came to Iyengar yoga in her 40s at a low ebb, but although she initially felt she couldn’t do anything, something kept her coming back. The practice of Iyengar yoga has helped her enormously and she likes to help others experience similar therapeutic benefits.

Sequences available to buy
Sophie has curated 2 videos for people to use for practice. These are available to buy below. You can see a preview of one of the sequences here.

This sequence has an emphasis on standing poses and also includes headstand, sitting poses, twists and backbends. Stiffness in legs, hips and back will be reduced, sciatic and arthritic pains relieved and the spine strengthened. You will need a blanket, a brick and a belt (plus blocks if you normally use them for sitting poses).

Sequence 1 is available to buy here.

Sequence 2: MOBILITY
This sequence focuses on forward extensions, both standing and sitting, and includes twists, abdominal work and backbends. The abdominal organs and kidneys will be toned, the spine strengthened and rejuvenated.

NB The last section is not suitable for people with neck problems. You will need a blanket and a belt (plus blocks if you normally use them for sitting poses).

Sequence 2 is available to buy here.