Sound Healing

Naomi McLean

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About Sound healing

Sound healing is a practice that uses vibrations from either vocals or instruments in order to relax the mind and body.  It is effective in not only achieving a state of relaxation but it also has a way of shifting blockages within the body. 

Therapeutic sound impacts the nervous system, slowing the heart, brain and respiratory rates down to induce a state of deep relaxation and peace. When the brain waves and body are synchronised, balance can be restored and stress can be released.  

During a sound bath you are taken on a meditative journey. While you lie down comfortably with your eyes closed Tibetan and Quartz Crystal singing bowls will be played around you which are known for their vibratory healing frequencies. You are free to relax and drift off where the sound takes you. A Vibroacoustic massage can also be incorporated in your treatment where the Tibetan singing bowls are placed on the body and tapped gently to vibrate. 

Naomi McLean, founder of Naylou Holistics, is an accredited Meditation Teacher having trained with The British School of Meditation (BSoM), a Reiki and Seichem Master, and Sound Energy Practitioner in Sound Healing and Vibroacoustic massage. Her offerings include; Meditation, Reiki/ Seichem, Vibroacoustic massage, Sound Healing, and Indian Head massage. Through creating safe and relaxed spaces that are fully inclusive and welcoming to all, Naomi’s personal journey of self-discovery has lead her to help others in nurturing their own capacity for self-love and self-empowerment