White Allies

One of our friends and local yoga practitioner, Josephine Namusisi-Riley, has set up an anti-racist project called White Allies UK. We ask you to please take time to read about it and look at the website.

Josephine set up the project following the events of Summer 2020. Initially heart-warmed by the Black Lives Matter protests, she then began to experience a familiar feeling of disappointment. After much thought she concluded we must come together to fight systemic racism. Specifically, that it is necessary for white people to actively take part, if change is going to happen.

White Allies UK is a story based project. It asks white people to share stories of times when they witnessed racism or experienced inherent privilege.

Why stories? Stories are a powerful communication tool. They capture our ability to imagine, connect, remember and understand issues in our society and the impact on the lives of those affected. These stories will help others connect, understand and acknowledge the unfairness of racism and the advantages of inherent privilege.

“I hope this will lead to individual white people making conscious decisions to take anti-racist action.” Josephine Namusisi