Monday 08:15 Studio & Zoom: all welcome vinyasa

Wednesday 07:30 Studio & Zoom: all welcome vinyasa

Wednesday 19:30 Studio & Zoom: beginners yoga

Thursday 19:45: Studio: Level 2 yoga

Friday 17.00 Studio &  Zoom: restorative 

Sunday 10.30 Studio &  Zoom: all welcome yoga

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Vaccasin started practicing Iyengar yoga in Sydney, Australia in 1986 and started his teacher training with Peter Scott in Melbourne in 1990. He completed his teacher training at the Maida Vale Iyengar Institute, London in 1994.

Vaccasin developed the Yoga centre at the Croydon Buddhist Centre between 1991/97. He also taught at Bodywise (Bethnal Green) and Yoga Home (Stoke Newington) before moving to Bristol to set up City Yoga in 2001. After 7 years in Bristol, Vaccasin moved back to London to set up Yoga Point in Brixton. Having spent 12 years living and working in Buddhist communities (ordained into the Western Buddhist Order in 1993), Vaccasin’s yoga practice and teaching draws from this influence.