Friday 09:40 in Studio: Older Bodies

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Terry Morin

Terry has been practicing yoga for 19 years, having come to yoga later in life. She trained as a yoga teacher with the Amrita School of Yoga in 2009. Since qualifying Terry has focussed her teaching on working with older people, people who have had strokes and more recently chair/accessible yoga. Terry is a qualified and experienced Gestalt Psychotherapist. Her yoga practice inevitably influenced her work as a psychotherapist, particularly the breathing, grounding and relaxation.

Terry draws some of her therapy awareness into her yoga teaching. She has a particular interest in stress reduction, and in working with physical limitations/ disability. Her classes have a gentle flow with plenty of attention to detail. The focus is on the breathing, with the movements following the breath. Her intention is to discuss the needs of regular attenders and to adapt her material in response to any restrictions and limitations.

Terry teaches our “yoga for older bodies” class. This class could be called “yoga for over fifties” but we don’t put an age on it as it is open to everybody. Also many people over 50 attend our regular classes as experience and general mobility can be more relevant than age. Terry has also trained in teaching accessible yoga, and is very interested in making yoga available to everybody.