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Saturdays 11:00 Studio: All Welcome yoga

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Suhad Aljundi

Suhad teaches Vinyasa Yoga influenced by Vinyasa Krama (an ancient practice of physical and spiritual development), combining movement and sequence with the breath. By integrating the functions of mind, body and breath in the same time frame, practitioners will experience the real joy of yoga practice. Suhad brings in modifications and variations to make her class accessible to all levels. Suhad believes that yoga is a moving meditation and emphasises the importance of meditation throughout her class by bringing new ways for her students to ease into meditation and make it accessible. Suhad completed her 200hrs RYT in 2019 in India qualified in Vinyasa (ashtanga based) and Yin Yoga, and has completed her 300 RYT advanced Vinyasa with Stewart Gilchrist (East London School of Yoga). Suhad is also a Somatic Movement and Integrative bodywork Therapist in training and can bring a healing and compassionate touch to her class.

Yoga has transformed Suhad’s life and relationship with herself. She became fascinated by the philosophy of yoga and wanted to deepen her knowledge and study further on a life-long journey. She had long covid during the pandemic which she recovered from completely by the help of Yoga, meditation and pranayama, and this took her practice and awareness of her body to a new deeper level. Suhad wants to share her experience and practise with others so they can explore the benefits of what yoga offers and feel empowered within themselves to find their own inner strength and flexibility.