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Robyn Nalty

Robyn, (she/they), is a queer doula, breastfeeding counsellor and yoga teacher. Introduced to yoga during her first pregnancy in 2013, to date she has practised in many various forms such as yin, dharma, rocket, kundalini, juvamukti, restorative and ashtanga.

As a parent and doula, Robyn recognises the transformative power of birth and postpartum to create spaciousness and awareness of the dramatic shifts in body, soul and mind. Robyn acknowledges that yoga has supported her in building mental resilience and provided a space for honest introspection. Grateful to her teachers for imparting valuable lessons, yoga has continued to be integral to her throughout many difficult life transitions including postnatal recovery, ongoing anxiety and pregnancy loss. Additionally, following the sudden death of their mum in 2020, yoga philosophy proved to be a resonating lifeline and anchoring perspective while navigating grief. 

In 2016, Robyn trained to become a Recognized Doula UK birth and postnatal doula and has provided extensive support to hundreds of individuals throughout various stages of pregnancy, childbirth and early parenting. As a doula, the aim is to “be” and hold a loving, nurturing space while a person is birthing or discovering their new identity as a parent. This “being” is something Robyn strives to harness throughout life as well as inspire her community to experience through yoga and mindfulness practices. Robyn aims to encourage others to utilise their practice to embody these feelings of acceptance and presence in the ‘now’, using these tools to navigate the ebbs and flows of life – especially within pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Since 2013, Robyn has also been a registered breast/chestfeeding counsellor with a significant passion for infant feeding support and lactation education. Inclusivity is at the heart of their approach, deeply integrating cultural and queer competency.

Robyn brings a wealth of experience and dedication to ongoing learning and their teachings, aiming to ensure the people she works with feel confident in making informed choices and have the trust to explore the unique rhythm their budding family requires. Robyn cherishes that yoga provides a wonderful, curious and playful pathway to the soul, expressing particular enthusiasm about supporting people to discover their inherently unique power, cultivate trust in their intuition, and foster a deep connection to their authentic selves through mindfulness and yoga.