Saturdays 11:00  Studio & Zoom: Vinyasa

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Nadeem Mada

Nadeem was born and raised in London. He has always been a person who believed in love and peace. He is passionate about yoga which gave him the tools for inner peace. He wants to share this with the world. I still love that connection of the deeper sense of self – the deeper emotional connection in all people I meet.

Nadeem first experienced yoga when he was 45 but really didn’t take it seriously until he was 49, later becoming committed to the practice when he found a teacher & studio that resonated. This teacher and other teachers helped him to discover that yoga was more then just a physical practice, leading him to find a new path in life.

His classes, no matter the level, are always following the same steady pace, inviting all students to focus on breath, intention and technique with plenty of variations. A beginner can take it at their pace while someone with experience can take it at theirs.