Wednesdays 18:00  Studio & Zoom: Yin

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Lisa Yiadom

Lisa has been practising yoga in its various forms since 2003. Studying with the British Wheel of Yoga to Level 4, she has also trained with The Shala School and the Yoga in Healthcare Alliance whose mission is to bring yoga into formal healthcare, encouraging it to be regarded as a prescriptive tool for health and healing.

Lisa believes yoga offers something for everyone, whether that be of a spiritual or purely physical nature, she regards it as a beautiful timeless practice that can be accessible to all.  Her experience is that at the very least, yoga offers a portal to reconnect with our bodies which in itself can be a transformative act.

Lisa enjoys singing, dancing and learning about the rhythms of nature.  She is also a clinical aromatherapist and is currently studying osteopathy so her teaching is guided by an increasing knowledge of the wonderful world of anatomy.