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Layaly Morton

Layaly has been teaching yoga for 20 years. She qualified as a Sivananda teacher in 2004 and as an Iyengar yoga teacher in 2007. She then spent over a decade deepening her understanding of Iyengar yoga with advanced teacher and author of ‘Yoga the Iyengar way’, Mira Mehta. Layaly brings warmth and understanding to her classes which follow the classic sequences of postures with thoughtful instructions.

Layaly’s class is an all levels welcome class. If you’ve never done yoga before, if you haven’t done yoga  for ages, or if you’ve done it for years this class is suitable for all. The class will have a structure which includes a systemic introduction of postures and sequences over time for regular students, however if you can only come to the odd class please feel free to drop by as and when you can and all will be explained as we go along. There will be options to go more gently or more actively as it best suits you.