Mondays 16:30  Studio & Zoom: Yoga and Meditation

Mondays 18:00  Studio & Zoom: Vinyasa

Tuesdays 12:30 Studio & Zoom: Vinyasa

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Georgie Holly

Georgie is a 500-hour certified yoga teacher specialising in vinyasa, hatha and yin. Trained in the birthplace of yoga, Rishikesh, India, Georgie found her passion for creative flowing practices whilst embracing the true essence of yoga to create a thoughtful and accessible practice for her students, where individual energies can thrive collectively. Georgie’s passion for yoga came about eight years ago from finding comfort in a time of deep loneliness and struggle. Since then, she has noticed life-changing benefits of yoga, meditation and breathwork. Georgie fosters a welcoming and safe environment for her students, one that put wellbeing, community, personal growth and inclusivity at the heart.