Sundays 12.00 Studio & Zoom: Shaka

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Hatha yoga is a very broad term referring to any physical yoga practice. As such all yoga practised at Yoga Point falls within ‘hatha yoga’.  However, hatha yoga is often used to mean classes that are less intense than the generally faster paced vinyasa, flow or power classes. It is worth noting that one hatha class can vary from another.

Shaka’s hatha class
This class will bring together the fundamentals of yoga through posture, breath, meditation and awareness. The class will focus on the layers of awareness in the body, using posture as a basis – exploring yoga asana through different energetic and  elemental holds such as fire, earth, water and ether. This will offer student more awareness and calm on a personal level and also more flexibility and strength on a physical level. The class will be challenging but accessible, with options given. Open level class.

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