Covid-19 protocol

Covid-19 protocol

Whether to attend classes

If you are in the high risk or moderately at risk category we do not recommend you attending our classes. You can check the NHS website to see if you are more at risk from Covid-19 here.

Please do not attend if you have any symptoms or should be isolating/ quarantining.

It is essential you book in advance any class you attend.

Please arrive on time (this means 10 mins before the class start time).

At the studio

We have the skylights open and the back windows to keep the studio  ventilated. It will be colder in the Autumn/ Winter so please bring warm clothes.

We are no longer asking people to wear masks, check temperatures etc.

Please continue to wash/ sanitise hands before entering the studio.

We ask that you clean your mat with the cloth & sanitiser provided after class.

If you have any questions please email for advice.