Anti Racism Policy

Anti Racism Policy

“Yoga practice is the science of personal liberation and social justice.” (Barkataki: 2020)

We see social justice as the heart of a yoga practice and our intention is for Yoga Point to be a place where people understand the importance of being anti-racist in their day-to-day life.

If you experience anything at Yoga Point that causes you to feel uncomfortable please contact Rebecca at We will listen respectfully and endeavour to address and resolve any issue.

What we do regularly as part of our ongoing commitment to being anti-racist:

Discuss the importance of racism with all the teachers who work at Yoga Point, including the importance of being actively anti-racist.

Encourage people to speak up if they experience anything that causes them to feel uncomfortable at Yoga Point. Signs stating this are up in the changing rooms.

Listen to anyone who raises an issue with us regarding how they have been treated or something negative they have experienced at Yoga Point.

Read and listen to people who educate on racism/ anti-racism and to people in our community. Actively encourage our teachers to do the same.

We are committed to promoting diversity amongst those that teach at Yoga Point.

Work to overcome the barrier that a yoga studio can represent by reaching out to people and offering flexibility regarding payment options.